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Who do I have in heaven
By: Lovelight Worship

I put my trust in your unchanging love
You’ve set me free with grace from up above
You are my shelter in the time of need
You’re always there, you’re always good to me

You, God are always near
Your word I’ll always hear
I worship you alone
There’s nothing I will fear

Who do I have in heaven?
Who is the king forever?
Who is the one by my side
With the power to change
And transform any heart?
It is you!
You’re the God in heaven!
You are the king forever!
You are the one by my side
with the power to change
And transform every heart
It is you!

Verse 2:
You are my rock, and my peace through the night
You’re in control, Your word is my delight
I won’t be moved, in you I find my strength
You are my guide, in you I find the way


You’re the way, life and truth
Jesus I will live for you
Your domain, i proclaim
Honor, glory to your name
There’s no fear, you’re alive
Yes, your kingdom’s on the rise
To your grace i abide
You’re the God that will provide

We belong to you
Come and make us new
You forever reign
Glory to your name


Written by: Ramon L. Delgado